Day 4 – A 200 Miler!

(Underway, 200 Nautical Miles)

Oceanna and crew are proud, and particularly stoaked, to announce our first 200 nautical mile day!! We’ve been measuring our daily distance travelled from midnight to midnight and today we were excited to see it clock in at a cool 200. An extremely respectable day and one well worth a sailor’s pat on the back.

When we calculated the landmark range, we weren’t the least bit surprised. We had averaged a speedy 8-9 knots for the majority of the day. A clipping speed for progress, not so much for anything else. As we were still making for southern latitudes, the prevailing easterly trade winds and swell hadn’t filled in. Therefore, we were dealing with messier seas, and subsequently, a rougher ride. Anything beyond a sitting position required just a little more effort than you’re used to giving. Cooking our morning eggs involved a strict three-point contact stance, and walking about the boat we both displayed fine footwork worthy of a dance floor.

Long story short, we both excelled at seated activities. We put sufficient dints in our books, and I tried my hand at cross-stitching. Don’t be fooled, cross-stitching is not for the faint of heart. I love a good puzzle, but staring at the “basic” instructions, “simple” key, and “straight forward” chart I couldn’t help thinking this project may have a little accident and fly overboard. At least that’s what I was planning on telling Greg’s Mom, Delma, who gifted it to me. Ha. A cooler head prevailed though, and before I knew it the colourful thread picture was beginning to take shape.


I almost need to bust out my glasses for this one.


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  1. delma · · Reply

    I am proud of you!! Can’t wait to see the finished project and see you move on to a new one. I know you’ll want to.

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