Day 2 – Main Exercises and SSB Connections

(Underway, xxx Nautical Miles)

If the Panama to Galapagos passage is to be remembered as the Rolls Royce of sailing conditions, the Galapagos to Marquesas passage is so far distinguished as the old tractor ride through a roughly cultivated field. Throughout the morning we had loads of wind and were regularly clocking at 8-9 knots over the ground. A very respectable speed, though the associated smashing and crashing through the mixed up seas was less than enjoyable. We had so much wind that Greg adjusted the sails to “dump” wind, affectively harnessing less power. Come the afternoon the wind died and we spent the rest of the day and night conducting nature orchestrated mainsail exercises. Main up 1:30 pm. Main down. Main up 5 pm, main down. 11pm up, 2 am down, and so on and so forth. Guess someone thought we could use the practice.

In other news, we’re finally putting our SSB radio receiver to use. Since we refused to make the $5,000 investment to purchase and install an entire SSB system on board, we went halfway with a $100 receiver. This way we can tune into the relevant cruiser nets and listen in on the happenings. We just can’t add any babbling of our own.

Before we left Roger and Sasha gave us a list of stations and times for the nets we might be interested in. Now Greg’s tuning in to hear boats from Panama City to the Marquesas. We get position reports on our fellow crossers, updated weather from those around receiving it, and most of all, the sound of other voices and piece of mind that we’re out here together.

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