Day 1 – A Dolphin Send-Off

(Underway, xxx Nautical Miles)

Ever since our friend Val told me her belief that dolphins bring good luck I’ve taken it as a cold, hard fact. Well actually, a warm and bubbly fact. For today as we set out into the rough and confused seas off Isla Isabela, the arrival of swarms of dolphins was exactly the good luck token I needed to set the proper tone for our massive 3,000 mile journey.

The dolphins were like none I had ever seen before. They were smaller than your average bottlenose, had a white stripe distinguishing their thick barrel bodies, and appeared to have a singular aim in life – to have a rip-roaring good time. They were traveling in what can only be described as a super pod. There was flying and flipping dolphins everywhere we looked. For a couple hundred meters in front of us, and on both sides, their acrobatics were on fine display. My favourite move was when they’d come straight vertical up out of the water, attempting what looked like a back arch, finally flipping their head down at the last moment when their tail slide was complete.

The anticipated winds were extremely variable and light – no doubt being affected by the large land mass still so close by – so it was with a mix of light sailing and a little motoring that we got on our way. Come my first night shift at 9 pm a 13 knot breeze filled in and Oceanna launched head long into the South Pacific Ocean.

It should be noted that the fish score after the very first day is Greg-0 Fish-1. Those crafty swimmers have already claimed one of Greg’s prized lures.


I’m still amazed at the size of this papaya!


The dolphins were not so easy to catch in a frame. If you look to the right of the photo you can just make one out darting out of the water.


The first of many offshore sunsets to come!


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