Back on Island Time

(Puerto Villamil, Isla Isabela, Galapagos)

Here we are, we’re in the Galapagos! We actually arrived yesterday (Day 10 – underway, 50 nautical miles), but through all the excitement of seeing my first penguin and essentially tripping over the plethora of local sea lions, there was little time for pictures.

As with any arrival in a new country there’s the cumbersome, yet necessary rigmarole of the “checking in” process. For the Galapagos, we had sent our information in advance to an agent and met with him yesterday to arrange the much-anticipated boat inspection for 2 pm today. Whelp, that didn’t happen. 3 pm rolled around before we got a call on the radio that representatives from the Port Authority, Immigration, Quarantine, and Park Authority couldn’t be coordinated at the moment and our inspection was consequently moved to tomorrow at 10 am.

We were not surprised. Seven tropical countries in and we’re more than accustomed to the lackadaisical approach to time. Even when it comes to the people we would assume hold the highest title of “professionals”, but you know what they say about assuming…


Sunrise at anchorage. A new and exciting view for us.



The dinghy dock view at Isla Isabela. The dock with all the flags is where all the inter-island “ferries” come in at. The dinghy dock where the picture is taken from is where all the smelly cruisers and sea lions hang out.


Greg in yet another thrilling conversation with a sea lion. I really think they get each other.

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