Day 6 – Wandering Minds and Floating Nights

(Underway, 125 Nautical Miles)

Can someone send me an Apple Crisp recipe?

This was the thought I went to bed with last night. It’s funny the things that wander through your mind when out to sea. Don’t let my pondering make it seem like I’m not serious. If someone could have gotten me a recipe today I would have put it to good use.

I digress, back to the sailing part. Oceanna went like a freight train all through the night and right up to around 1 o’clock this afternoon. It was wonderful checking off the miles and feeling her soar as she should. Alas, all good things must come to end, and that they did when the wind dropped to nothing. No hard feelings here actually. It was nice to see the glassy flat water while things calmed down for a tick. We enjoyed sunset showers off the back of the boat trying hard not to think of what lurked in the 9000 feet below.

Night shifts seemed to play pretty close to the norm tonight. Sails were down to begin with, wind started to fill in around 2 am, and slowly but surely we began to make forward progression.

It should be noted that this trend of pulling down sails and simply bobbing away is a new one for Greg and me. If we plan to have jobs whenever it is we come home to reality someone has to keep the oil business going! That’s at least what I told myself back when we’d fire up the engines anytime our speed dipped below 5 knots. Now we’re in full fuel conservation mode. With thousands of miles of unknown wind ahead of us we need to save every last drop we can. To be honest, it’s wonderfully refreshing. Why not just sit and float awhile? That’s how it was back in the good old days.


Early morning sea state. Reflective of our 10-12 knot winds.


Yes, this is another sunrise picture. Enjoy.


Gregory peaking under the jib as we drop the Code 0. Its furler got more than tangled up and needed some attention.


The wind as taken a deep breath and left us flat. Blue, on blues, on blue.


I helped with the Code 0 as well.


Backyard baths in the middle of the Pacific. Who would have thought?!


A brilliant day complete with a beautiful sunset.


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  1. Wayne Baiton · · Reply

    Pierre and Sherry say 23 days and 13 hours on the crossing pool…

    Black Tip racer uncle wayne says 22 days….

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