Day 5 – Rolls-Royce Sailing

(Underway, 130 Nautical Miles)

Following our two-hour drift last night it was full sail back up at 4 am and we were off! The wind steadily grew all morning and by the afternoon we had a liberating 10-12 knots of breeze blowing over our beam. A preferred point of sail for Oceanna, one she reacted to in to in kind. The leash was off and she was barreling across the blue expanse at a heady 7-9 knots.

During one of our regular check-ins with Ednbal, Roger said it best, “It’s Rolls-Royce sailing out here!”

In exciting news for me – really just for me, no one else will find the following exciting – I finally finished the book Collapse by Jared Diamond. This astute and academic behemoth was left aboard by Max (thanks Max, hear my hint of sarcasm please). It’s full title is actually Collapse: How Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed and it made me work for every page. With it now complete, and I should admit, at many points during its read, I am glad I stuck with it. I now have a fleeting understanding of societies such as the famed Easter Islanders and the forgotten Norse Vikings. I’m wowed by Japan’s impressive forest area and appalled by our trash exportation to China. I’m not overwhelmed by a feeling of doom for our future as worldwide society, I’m just better informed at what may be our end, but what can very well be our future.

Case and point, living on a boat is certainly not a bad idea.


With provisioning at its finest and fullest these days, we’ve been eating like kings during this crossing. We simply can’t eat fresh fruit and veggies fast enough.


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