Day 3 – Dreaming, Sailing, and Sharpening

(Underway, 130 Nautical Miles)

Life is still a dream out here. Over the day we were able to close the gap between Ednbal and Oceanna to 7.5 nautical miles. Then during tonight’s night shifts we managed to lose them once again. It certainly ain’t no freeway out here, but I have no doubt we’ll come back into contact soon.

Sailing couldn’t be more cruisey. The wind is predominantly behind us and the sails require only the odd adjustment. Perhaps we’ll flip the code 0 this way and flop the main that way. Maybe we’ll see if the jib will hold and make our sail count three. Mostly it’s just Gregory playing with the large toy that is our sailing home.


On today’s list of odd jobs, Greg re-edged and sharpened our knives. One kitchen knife and a plethora of fish cleaning knives.


A beautiful night sky with a sliver of moon shining.


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