Day 2 – Get It While It’s Hot!

(Underway, 135 Nautical Miles)

“Get it while it’s hot!” Or should I say, “Get it while you’re tired.” Or better yet, “Get it while the other person is awake.” That’s how I felt about sleep today. After an unusual bout of night shifting I was left wanting. We usually get in two 3-hour shifts each, with me starting and Greg finishing. Last night was more like three shifts, with me taking the majority.

I’m not complaining though. The bioluminescence were spectacular and the sparkling dolphins just kept on coming! They bobbed, they weaved, and left miraculous wakes of light in each direction. It was as spectacular as spectacular gets, and that doesn’t even count the fish. When the dolphins left and I remained laying belly down on the tramp watching the inky water pass by underneath us, I was floored to see just how much sea life was passing by between our hulls. Small bits and large bits, u-turning arm-sized fish, and much, much more darting in every other direction. All of it, of course, brought to sight by the basking glow of the wonder that is bioluminescence.

Today we are still in radio contact with Roger and Sasha on Ednbal. Eventhough the wind is directly behind us and they are screaming downwind with their handy-dandy spinnaker. Maybe we should have got a spinnaker? Oh well. Last we checked in they were 15 miles ahead and having fresh sushi for sundowners. We have yet to have a bite on the lines. Oh well.

I will say, it sure is nice to have friends out on the water. Eventhough we can’t see them – visual sight of them only reaches around 4 nautical miles tops – hearing their voices on the VHF radio makes the huge ocean seem just a little smaller. Tricks you into thinking you’re just out for a friendly cruise, not making the biggest passage of your life.

As far as the sailing is going it truly couldn’t be better. Beautiful seas, just a wonderful amount of breeze, and Oceanna is forever gliding forward. I wouldn’t dare to jinx it so I won’t even say what I want to say. Let’s hand it over to GFresh and another edition of his Video Diaries to give a feel of life out on the water.


Night shift was cooooollllldd. By the time breakfast rolled around I’d shed my pants, and toque, and jacket. The socks were still completely necessary.


Sunsets are great out here.


And Oceanna sure is pretty.


* to no one’s surprise I’m having one hell of a time finding internet quick enough to load the video. Please standby. I’ll get it up here asap.

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