Day 1 – Unadulterated Glee

(Underway, 40 Nautical Miles)

We awoke to our alarm clocks this morning. We had finally pulled the ripcord on the parachute that was our official leaving time. Yesterday we stamped this morning’s sunrise as our take-off. Along with our friends Roger and Sasha aboard Ednbal, we were destined for the Galapagos. Fast forward to our final wind update in the dark morning light and we were full stop once again. Not a breath of wind until late this afternoon.

What to do while we wait? Why not toss that 30hp engine on the dinghy yet again and go for a spear? Better yet, why not throw it on and go help some old salty dog get his steel boat off the reef head he managed to run up on?

Yes, this is what Greg did. From the spot where he was diving he thought it odd to see a monohull heeling with no sails up. Turns out this particular boat was going nowhere. When he went over to help he was met by a bleary eyed, sea dog soloing his boat with not so much as a drop of sweat spared over the event. After a quick discussion about the proliferation of reefs in the area his simple response was “Yea, I was planning on paying attention.” I guess the most well laid plans do often go astray. Greg helped him plant his anchor in such a way to free his boat in the upcoming tide and wished him well.

Back on Oceanna we fired up the engines at 4:30 pm and were on our way. There was no turning back now. We were really doing it. In the light winds we busted out our Code 0 sail. A handy asymmetric spinnaker made of a light, kite-like material enabling it to fly in lower winds. It, paired with our mainsail, and we were off!

I wish I had the words momentous enough to portray the feeling of setting out, or even be able to say I actually felt something momentous to mark the occasion. I won’t lie, it kind of felt like the beginning to any other passage until I saw Greg’s face. Greg’s face said it all. Accomplishment, relief, and unadulterated glee.

(note: since we are underway each night and not lying our heads down in any anchorage, the regular heading label has changed. It states the obvious – we’re underway – and gives the number of nautical miles covered from midnight to midnight.)


Ednbal rolling out under a brilliant blue sky.


Happy Greg and his prized on board fuel station.


Calm waters meaning calm winds. Any minute now we told ourselves.


Here we go!


Hooking up the Code 0 on the spinnaker pole.


Hook it there. Tighten the halyard to the top of the mast.


And run the furling line to the back of the boat.


Our first crossing sunset.


Ednbal flying a full spinnaker. We’ve barely left and I’m already happy to have them alongside us.


Bear with me, the sky was great.


You know what the starting the crossing means?!? I can finally bust out the chocolate that’s been quarantined until we set off! Guess what I’m having for supper tonight!


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