Finalizing for Frolicking

(Contradora, Pearl Islands, Panama)

Like any good adventure/roadtrip/holiday/frolic there’s always a laundry list of coulda/woulda/shoulda’s left for the final minutes before take off. Lucky for us, our final moments were in the hands of the weather and Mother Nature granted us three beautiful days of finalizing in the equally beautiful Pearl Islands.

I spent more hours than I care to count hand-sewing our torn dodger. A windshield with no holes in it is extremely more enjoyable than the alternative. So two layers of leather, one of eisenglass, three needles, and one homemade sewing palm later we’re back in breeze-blocking business.

Greg was much more diverse in his final moments. He resealed our escape hatches and resecured our liferaft for quick release. A handy bit of knot tying I hope never to have to undo. He also cleaned the dinghy and stored the hefty 30hp yammy more than once. We’d be locked down ready to go when one final spearfishing escapade would call his name.

Most importantly though, he cleaned the crap out of the bottom of the boat. It was listed on the to-do list under SUPER CLEAN. When arriving in the Galapagos, our customs and immigration clearance will include a thorough inspection of Oceanna’s hull. We have heard horror stories of boats being turned away for having a singular, innocuous barnacle living happily on their bottom. Not an experience we want to go through. Most boats pay a handsome price for “professional” divers to clean their boat on air. Lucky for Oceanna and I, we’ve got our own in-house handsome diver GFresh. Score for us.


Welcome to Kaycee’s sewing station.


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