GFresh Video Diary to the Pearls

(Contradora, Pearl Islands, Panama)

We gone! Panama City is in our rearview and there’s a whole lot of ocean out there waiting for us. For tonight and a couple to follow we’re posted up by Contradora in the Pearl Islands. Here we have internet to check the daily weather forecasts. Because now, that’s the only thing dictating our Galapagos departure. Just waiting for the wind to blow in our favour!

As a break from my recent assault of wordy posts here’s an update from Greg via one of his GFresh Video Diaries. As I’ve mentioned before he does these for himself. Figures they will be worth a laugh or two when he’s older and living life on land. I think they’re great for a giggle now.


Our Aussie pals letting Ednbal stretch her wings too.

* to no one’s surprise I’m having one hell of a time finding internet quick enough to load the video. Please standby. I’ll get it up here asap.


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