Cheers to Panama City

(La Playita Anchorage, Panama City, Panama)

Tomorrow we’re up and out of here. Over the past two weeks we’ve updated Oceanna and polished her best bits. It’s been a blur of hardware stores, grocery aisles, and public transit, but our significantly lowered waterlines and completely crossed off to-do lists are a testament to our success.

It wasn’t all work and no play though. We fit in a movie date at the mall. An experience so familiar I nearly forgot we were in Panama preparing for the biggest adventure of our lives. Other treats around town included fresh duds, a one too many icecreams, and, if you know Greg and my roadtrip tendencies at all, SUBWAY. Though our friend Logan may have told me their artisan sandwiches are nutritionally worse than a Big Mac, I refuse to believe him and am not going to stop going. The comforting smell and friendly cost to satisfaction ratio have us stopping in whenever available.

Our biggest non-boat outing was the cherry on it all though. A Beer Fest. Yup, you read that right. There were rows of sponsored tents, blaring live music, and wonderfully hokey carnival games. Except when my strong man rang the bell on the sledgehammer game he didn’t win some stupid plush toy. He was awarded something much more useful. A half off bracelet for the Pabst tent. Safe to say it was a PBR’s from then on in. Supplemented by $2 margaritas of course.

A huge thanks and hasta luego go out to Panama City. It’s a great place and it was truly good to us. As Greg said while walking through Price Smart’s aisles for the last time today, “I’m going to miss this place.” He, of course, was talking singularly about the store that houses the $1.50 hot dog, but I think it works for the city as a whole too.


Someone making the best of the dust covered walls blocking the water views along the causeway. The causeway is a beautiful sliver of land extending out into the sea, but construction is underway to double lane the road so all the great views are blocked.


Sushi date night. Mall food court styles.


Yet another successful Price Smart run. Provisioning made easy with Costco’s Central American cousin.


After a fuelling fail with Oceanna; Greg, Marie, and all the jugs set into action. Three trips later and we’re full to the very tip top.


We went to England for our first stop of the beer fest.


Then we did a little solo travelling ending up in different parts of the world.


Then my strong man scored a deal. PBR’s all around.


Panama’s national cerveza. “Balboas por los hombres!”


Those city slickers are at it again! This day we saw one slowly, painfully slow, making its way across the powerlines. Sloths are such a goofy creature.


We went back to Mercado de Abastos and I’d say we were more than successful! There sure won’t be anyone getting scurvy on this boat. Now I just have to find a place to put everything!


Yes my hair colour is blonde. Yes I left the round watermelons sitting on the table. Yes I live on a boat. And yes that boat tends to rock a bit when large boats pass by. May I present busted watermelons.


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