Awarding the “Most Miles” Badges

(La Playita Anchorage, Panama City, Panama)

That seals it, Stephen and Nicole are officially our most travelled guests. With today’s arrival in Panama City they’ve covered upwards of 300 nautical miles on board Oceanna, and have been Grade A, cool-operating mates throughout it all. They’ve conquered the notorious Punta Mala, crossed the Gulf of Panama, navigated the Pearl Islands, and dodged the veritable parking lot of container ships that is the water surrounding Panama City.

All of which calls for a champagne celebration! Once the hook was down in the shockingly more crowded La Playita anchorage – now holding 50+ boats when we were one of only three back in September – the cork was popped and we toasted to a successful journey and a next level visit with first class guests.


There was a little fishing line error during a not so successful tack. The determined Stephen actually detangled it all. Greg just wanted to get out the scissors.


Meals underway.


Must be close to Panama City now! Each of those red arrows denote a ship.


Coming up on the parking lot now.


Just a couple of salty dogs now.




Must be a lot of fish activity here.




More fish here! And Panama City skyline in the background.


Champagne celebrations.


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