Snapper for Everyone

(Isla Chapera and Mogo Mogo Channel, Las Perlas Islands, Panama)

On the move again and more dirty jacks on the line. To make up for the less than spectacular trolling we got in underway, Greg and Steve were rewarded with a deluxe dive once we got the anchor down south of the Survivor Island, Isla Chapera. The moment they got in the water there were prize fish everywhere. A quintessential goldmine of spearfishing trophies.

They returned with three snappers. One in every size, and certainly more than enough for Gregory to make friends with all the other boats in the anchorage.


The following Colombia toque adorned photos document the catching of yet another jack. He really gave the boys the run around with them tracking him all around the boat.


Up the starboard. Around the jib.


Down the port.


And caught back on the steps.


Islas Chapera and Mogo Mogo in the distance.


This afternoon’s spearsfishing haul. Can you guess which are Greg’s and which are Stephen’s?


The proud fisherman.


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