Tacking and Rays

(Ensenada Playa Grande, Isla San Jose, Las Perlas Islands, Panama)

Ay yi yi. When will we learn? 26 hours later and we finally arrived in the Pearl Islands. Perhaps we’re stockpiling favourable wind direction for our South Pacific crossing? Yea that’s got to be it. That’s why the wind is continually blowing from the direction we want to go. That’s why we’re perpetually tacking to get to our destination. Adding miles and miles, and hours and hours.

One perk of our marathon passage was that we came up on the islands right at dusk. Right when the sealife is most active. We had dolphins, we had flying fish, we had tail running needlefish, and best of all we had slew of leaping rays. There aren’t many other natural events that are more hilariously entertaining than a ray flying straight up out of the water, flapping its goofy wings, and belly flopping back into the sea. And when they do it time after time after time you’re basically left in stitches.




Stephen hauling in the jib mid tack.


These two had a tacking system down.


Sunset in the Pearls.


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