Steve’s Comeback and Pansy Punta Mala

(Underway, Benao – Las Perlas, Panama)

So I poked a little fun at Steve and his string of bad luck while out of his element the other day. No such words will come out of my mouth today. Today Steve was lighting it up! Today was Stephen’s day.

First things first, this morning he hit his stride on the waves. Benao’s standard beach break was certainly more his style and he caught some swell worthy of a proper surfer. When surfer one and surfer two returned to the boat they were more than amped for the day. With surfing no longer mocking Steve the next test was to get back out there speargun in hand. Don’t be fooled by the size of his kill. He landed a deadly shot right through the eye of a revered (at least here on Oceanna) pompano. Spearfishing conquered.

We left Benao at 4 pm for another 90 nautical mile journey, this time to the Pearl Islands. The number one thing on our minds setting out today was Punta Mala. Translating to Bad Point, it’s infamous for nasty winds and angry seas. Both of which we wanted to avoid. Well Gregory is becoming quite an adept weather interpreter because we sailed by without a care in the world. In fact, we almost didn’t even realize we were in Punta Mala’s zone as we were too busy taking in the exquisite sunset and yet another game of Monopoly. Bad Point ain’t got nothing on us.


Spearfisherman deploy.


More than jacked on today’s haul.


Killing the fish is only a small part of the work.


Back underway.


These two are quickly becoming our most travelled guests.


Where’d the dolphins go? They were right here a minute ago.


Punta what? Deal me another round.


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