Dirty Jack Attack

(Benao, Panama)

90 nautical miles, 19 hours on the water, endless bites on the lines, many an epic struggles to reel in the big guys, and not one edible fish. (Well not for us fish snobs anyhow.)

As I said, the lines were anything but quiet. We were getting bite after bite and the boys were busy working their muscles hauling them in. Unfortunately, they were all Pacific Crevalle Jack. A real fun game fish absolutely not suited for the dinner table. Here’s what our fish book has to say on the big buggers.

Game Quality: Few fish are any tougher – or less spectacular. Long runs and powerful, circular, throbbing resistance are their trademarks.

Food Value: Fair; most of the flesh is red.

So after the fifth or sixth battle with no tasty reward the lines were reeled in for good. No matter, we were a little busy tacking back into the Azuero Peninsula. As per the unwritten sailing law the wind was coming precisely from the direction we wanted to go. Cue the disheartening course of the zig zag.


There’s nothing better than the sunrise after a night of night shifting.


Santa Catalina behind us, and Benao still up ahead.


I, as documented by this lovely photo, missed the underway sunrise. My last shift ended at 5 so I’m still catching some zzz’s.


Stephen hauling a feisty jack.


Always with the teamwork these two brothers.


Steve showing off his prize before its see-ya-later kiss and launch back into the ocean.


Steve working hard on yet another. Gregory is obviously there with words of positive encouragement and support. No jabbing, trash talk at all.


Another Jack and another disappointment.


Nicole really embracing the sailing life. She took to it like old salty pro. I certainly think it looks good on her.


The two of us kept Oceanna on track as the boys played with the fish.


Double header this time. A fish for each brother and a goodbye kiss for each fish.


Not to mention a fish on fish kiss.


These two did not receive 10/10 dive scores.


With the fishing on hold the Evans’ bros set to the business of tacking. (Actually they were just playing crib on the iPad.)


19 hours underway is a long time. This passage definitely called for a drag off the back. Nicole was considerably more elegant than I.


Beautifully glowing skies as we enjoyed a night at anchor in Benao.


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