Sparkling Dolphins!!!

(Underway, Santa Catalina – Benao, Panama)

Sparkling dolphins! What else is there to say?

Tonight we left Santa Catalina at 10pm for the 90 nautical mile passage to Benao. As we pulled out from behind the island and set our course we had the most thrilling surprise. The familiar sound of breaching dolphins had us rushing to lifelines to confirm what our ears were telling us. And there they were, our very own dolphin escort.

But these dolphins had a huge added bonus tonight. Obviously it was dark out and the bioluminescence were going off! I’m not sure I’d be able to imagine the awesomeness of dolphins ripping under water as beads of bioluminescence trailed off their bodies if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. It is definitely THE most amazing thing I’ve seen to date. Like torpedos of light criss-crossing between our bows, passing over one another at different depths, and breaching out of the water in glorious displays sparkles and flash!

We’re just so glad that Stephen and Nicole were there with us so at least somebody believes our tale.


One last glowing sunset at Santa Catalina anchorage. Definitely a place with a special place in our hearts.


What to do when waiting for a 10 pm departure time to roll around? Monopoly of course!


Getting underway and checking our heading.



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