Steve’s New Profession

(Santa Catalina, Panama)

I’d like to be the first to tell you all that Stephen Evans is taking up a new profession. Introducing the world’s newest Surf Photographer! He’s even got a jazzy new uniform to go with it.

Geared up with the camera, pelican case, and trusty straw hat Stephen set up shop in the dinghy just off the break today. With Punta Roca being a left-handed point break, Stephen was able to anchor in prime location to snap some great shots of Greg and his local friend on the waves.

What did Nicole and I get up to? Well heaps of heaps of girl talk of course. I feel bad for monopolizing all her time on the boat but it has been beyond wonderful for me. Hopefully it’s not too terrible for her.


Surf Photographer Stephen Evans.


Away they go.


When the guys pulled up to the break, these local kids had just pulled this fish in. Pretty impressive. And the guy on the left is Greg’s 10 year old local surfing buddy. 












This shot is a real treat because there’s Oceanna sitting pretty in the background.






One comment

  1. Kaycee sure happy to hear from you guys again glad to read your blog it’s so interesting and very glad you guys are doing great was really waiting for your next blog keep having a good time. Your old neighbour

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