Big Tide Woes

(Santa Catalina, Panama)

Not too many pictures to show for today. Which means we were obviously way too busy doing a slew of stuff to take any.

Greg surfed his now favourite break, Punta Roca. On the topic I seem to notice his favourite break tends to change a lot. And conveniently it just so happens to be wherever we are at the time. Coincidence or conspiracy?

We all did a serious beach comb on Isla Santa Catalina, then Nicole and I attempted to swim back to Oceanna from the beach. I say attempted because we didn’t make it. With the crazy high tides we’re experiencing right now, this area (which has strong currents to begin with) has ripping currents as the gulf fills up and subsequently dumps out. A current that was assuredly stronger than either of our swimming abilities. Luckily Gregory and his trusty dinghy were just a holler away.

Next we all loaded up and headed over to the beach break. A complete and utter failure. The usually friendly swell was messy and confused. Much the same as its current riders. We all found ourselves washed up on the beach before long. Or should I say what was left of the beach. The high tide left nothing but a sliver of sand, or simply just nothing, in places.

To top off our pathetic attempt at surfing we had to cross the nasty river of foam and garbage. A five second swim that left me feeling like I needed a 5 our shower.

Wrapping up this runaway list and our day of activities I’ll sum up the rest. There was laundromat showers, losing of sandals, a spectacular sunset, and the bumping into our old friend Jonas. Followed by road pops, delicious pizza, and a moonlit tow of our landlocked dinghy back to open water.

Another decent day on the books here on Oceanna.




And sunset.


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