“Follow the North Star”

(Santa Catalina, Panama)

Since we just experienced a new moon – look at me and my astrology knowledge! – we’ve been having really dark nights with next to no light. Perfect circumstances for seeing the amazing bioluminescence. In fact we’re falling into quite a routine of evening showers off the back steps. Yes, you get to take off the day’s sunscreen and layer of sweat, but awfully more exciting is the sparkling beads of water and glowing streaks present from your own splashing around.

Tonight we upped the ante and took the dinghy out for a burn. Now I’ve been on this particular light-ride more than once, but I’m telling you it does not get old. From watching the glowing wake trail us around, to cupping handfuls of sparkles over the side, the wonder that is bioluminescence is truly remarkable.

When the tour was over we turned the dinghy around and at Nicole’s direction followed the North Star home to Oceanna. North Star or Oceanna’s anchor light very close to the same thing. Ha. Love ya Nicole.


Stephen and Nicole out for a morning paddle.


Showing off their tricks.


Although Jocelyn may be gone her amazing presence is still felt in the kitchen as I try out her pumpkin spice granola recipe. (ps. it was AWESOME)


Over three months later we’re back in Santa Catalina and Greg finally get’s to fixing the board he put his heel through last time we were here.


Have I mentioned the Monopoly Deal yet?!? It’s the best game ever. These two brought from home and I’ve already commandeered it for Oceanna. It’s Monopoly without the board and the extremely long time and me inevitably flipping the whole thing over.


A group shot with coconut cup Pina Colada’s.


We missed the sunset on this dinghy tour.


A stellar evening if I do say so myself. We’ve got a tally of Monopoly wins. Stay tuned for the final scores.


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