Definitely Not Stephen’s Day

(Santa Catalina, Panama)

If yesterday’s town stroll was Stephen’s Oceanna warm up, today he dove head first into the main event. Or should I say ass first?

Gregory went out to surf Punta Roca (Rock Point) and Stephen went with him to spectate. After a very short time Stephen was back to Oceanna to grab a surfboard for himself. He had watched a set or two and decided it was well within his capabilities. (Note: Stephen has next to no surfing experience.) He set back out with board in hand and we awaited his return, and what a return it was!

Greg was dying of laughter and Stephen, also laughing at himself, was nursing a sore ass. Between the happy tears and fits side-splitting laughter Gregory was able to tell us that Stephen executed, textbook perfectly, what surfers call “going over the falls”. Meaning instead of a Stephen catching a wave, the wave more caught him. Evidently Stephen had witnessed a smaller set roll through before he came back for a board of his own. Once out in the break things picked up and Steve was also picked up. Picked up by a curling lip to ride the wave right around smashing down brilliantly onto the underlying shallow coral. His ripped shorts and sliced butt  are evidence as to what he led with.

Spearfishing didn’t go much better for Stephen. Between currents sweeping him far from the dinghy to chest bruises from attempting to reload the gun it’s not looking like it’s his new hobby either. Let’s hope tomorrow is more Stephen’s day.

In super-great-awesome-incredible news we witnessed a real NatGeo worthy event today. After spotting sand unexplainably flying on the beach we went to investigate. What did we find? A sea turtle digging her nest and laying eggs! A pretty remarkable sight to see. Even neater when you think of this creature’s innate ability to read the tides – without a watch Greg might add! This momma turtle had climbed up on the beach perfectly at spring high tide making for the shortest trip possible and insuring her nest would be safe.


Excuse the butt picture but it’s just too funny.


This one too. Greg doctoring him up with the ever handy tieh ta yao gin. A Chinese miracle medicine that cleans, coats, and heals cuts. DId I mention it really stings too?


Steve getting a little love on his tough day.


Heading out spearing.


Cleaning the rhino skin triggerfish.


This is Greg’s “we’re going to see a turtle” face.


There she is happily digging away.


It looked like tough work.


This was one confused hermit crab.


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