A Next Level Video to Fill the Void :::: Scroll Down for New Posts

(Jaco, Costa Rica)

More days have passed and I’ve got no posts to show for it. What I do have is an amazing video put together by our pal Ryan Moore who was down visiting during the beginning of January. He put his GoPro to great use capturing so many timeless memories. Everything from fishing underway to wakeboarding tube rock. It’s a must see and should definitely fill the void of anyone missing out on Oceanna’s latest adventures. If Oceanna ever needs an advertisement, this is it!


  1. Totally Awesome Video!!! Rock On!

  2. Hi Kaycee and Greg, well that was a most enjoyable 10 or so minutes. Thanks for, as always, sharing! Lotta watta, lotta fish and a lotta happy! Glad all is still great!

    1. Yvonne I’m very happy you liked it. There’s certainly a lot to like! Hope all is well with you.

  3. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    Loved the video. Thanks for sharing. Our next adventure is taking us to the “Big Easy”.
    Judy and Ken

  4. Ro and Joyce Frape · · Reply

    What a great video. What memories.

  5. Sue Wright · · Reply

    Hey Greg and Kaycee …. Oh wow! Life on your boat is pretty sweet! Looks like you guys are totally in your element! This video certainly takes us far away from the cloudy, grey, wintery skies of Kelowna. It was great to meet you at the wedding, Kaycee. Rock on and keep writing:)
    xox. Sue and Brian

    1. Hey guys, so glad you like the video. Ryan did such a great job at putting it all together. We must admit we’ve watched it more than once! After a wonderful holiday season and bucket loads of amazing guests I’m finally sitting down to see if I can’t get this blog up to date! Stand by.

  6. Sarah G. "Stu" Schmidt · · Reply

    Fantastic video, Ryan. So good. It capture the greatness of the Big O. Babe, Bunny and Frankie, shall we head back, like yesterday?

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