A New Year’s Update

(Islas Tortugas, Costa Rica)

First off, we are not the Catamaran that recently sunk off the coast of Costa Rica! No cause for alarm or worry for Oceanna. Although we are in the exact same area and spent the last three days at the islands it was destined for.

Now, I must say I am sick about the current state of the blog. Over a month behind, but oh what a month it has been! I could list a million excuses for my tardiness though that would just be a waste of time (and we all know I’ve got more than enough to do!). The true reason for my lengthy posting sabbatical is, frankly, I’ve had better things to do! A waterfall jumping end to Max’s visit; Foy Family Christmas chocker-blocked full of sailing, fishing, surfing, fun, games, and, most importantly, family; an extended sailing stay with my parents; an action packed visit with Greg’s buddy Ry; and even more sweet Kelowna peeps to share in the good times with Kev and Kels, and Mike and Janis aboard.

There’s the missing past, now’s here’s what I have to say for the future. I WILL get the blog caught up. That is a promise. There are too many good times had to stop now, and I’m destined to get old and forget just how sweet life was. I vow to have this site up to date just in time to let it get another month behind! Ha. That is to say, oceannatheboat shall be sitting pretty by the time Oceanna sets sail across the South Pacific. The next big step in our adventure which is coming up at the end of February. An incredibly large step that includes a ten-day passage from Panama City to the Galapagos Islands. Then the mother-of-all passages (for us any how), a three-week journey across the South Pacific Ocean to the Marquesas Islands. Nothing but Greg, Oceanna, and me and thousands of miles of blue salty water in all directions!

Until then bear with me and thanks for your continued patience and support!


  1. No need for any apologies!! Just looking forward to all the stories and pictures of the continued adventure!! Love you both!!

  2. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    Great to hear from you again and looking forward to more stories of adventure. Keep enjoying all that “vitamin F”—-friends and family.

  3. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    How are you going to communicate……sat phone or use the old fashioned single sideband short wave radio…..when you are way out at sea…the VHF will not work for long distance

  4. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    Three weeks of Greg and fish….what will you do….lol…..

  5. Ron & Joyce · · Reply

    Welcome back. We love following your adventures.

    1. Thanks guys. It’s so nice to know you’re following along.

  6. Sarah Stu G Schmidt · · Reply

    Beauty writing as usual, Kyle. The sunsets, surf details and bioluminescence notes are most welcome. I feel like our trip on Big O was so long ago.

    And although that fish poisoning sounded horrible for Greg, Bunzie got the regular version while in Toronto on a work trip. Food buddies?!?

    Chat soon.

  7. Mick Loch · · Reply

    Keep it coming Greg and Kaycee…miss you guys back in North Carolina


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