The End of Foy Family Holidays

(Quepos, Costa Rica)

That’s it, that’s all. It’s over.

Quinn and Kristi left yesterday; Uncle Greg, Auntie Susie and Uncle Wayne this morning. Now we’re left with a skeleton crew for one last night in the big house.

I’ve always hated goodbyes because I can never find the words to properly express how much what I’m goodbye-ing from means to me. And this one meant a lot. For my family to come all way down to Costa Rica to visit us for their holidays was above and beyond. So thanks guys. Thanks for the good times, memories, and sharing in the adventure that is Oceanna.

* and Greg says “thanks for the spearguns!”


A perk of the big house? Laundry machine!!! No three bucket system these days.


Here comes Mom’s tour of the property’s beautiful flora. Blurry Birds of Paradise.


Unknown what this pretty in pink bud is.


But they are stunning once open.


These creamsicle ones were my favourite.


The house was called Casa Marlin. The front gate said it all.


With one key between us all the guys became quite proficient at breaking into our own house view the second story balcony. Auntie Susie and I, not so much.


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