Sailing, Paddling, Spearfishing, and a Beach Bonfire

(Punta Quepos, Costa Rica)

You read that right, we anchored somewhere different tonight. It was an action packed day with so many firsts crammed in it’ll be hard to mention them all without sounding like a runaway list.

First off the hop: Sailing.

For many it was their first time aboard Oceanna under sail. This coast, this time a year means not a lot of wind. Therefore not a lot of sail. But with all this added muscle on board it’s no problem putting the sails through a work out. Up and out they went, and we tacked our way around the corner into a new anchorage with clear water and white beaches. A first in a first was the addition of Dolores, my Mom’s cousin who arrived late last night. Her first time on Oceanna and sailing to boot!

Secondly: Paddle Boarding.

In our new locale the clear blue water begged for the paddle boards to be thrown in. Kristi and I went for a coastal cruise then Mom and Auntie Susie enjoyed a sunset cruise of their own. In between Kristi showed off some true yogi prowess as she held some impressive headstands out to sea.

Third: Spearfishing.

Another perk of our new anchorage was the spearfishing potential. A much anticipated activity for the boys and the new guns. We sent four guys out and they came back with supper and an impressive, yet inedible, trophy. The story goes – to no one’s surprise – that everyone was handed a gun with limited direction and thrown in the water. Uncle Greg shot his prey and surfaced with not a clue what to do next. Uncle Wayne was nearby and shocked to see what was at the end of Uncle Greg’s spear. After a quick discussion they both deduced they had no idea what to do next and as Gregory was nowhere in sight levelled that dragging it back to the dinghy was the best option.  When Gregory’s attention was finally had he returned to the dinghy to find both Uncle’s sitting pretty with a monster of a Jack alive on the end of Uncle Greg’s spear.

Let’s end this list: Beach Fire.

A real luxury of cruising life is cooking on a beach fire. A pleasure we haven’t capitalized on much since the San Blas. Well that all changed tonight. With fresh fish, slaw, and a veggie bomb we took to the beach with sandy enthusiasm. Although the Sasky boy’s bonfire wasn’t up to Greggy’s pyro standards, there was a fire going and the bomb was a cooking. After a little expansion we were off with supper on the coals. A tasty feast that was enjoyed via headlamp and topped off with the obvious marshmallow dessert.

Too soon on the stopping: Hermit Crab Races.

How dare I not mention the hermit crab races. Like the majority of the beaches up and down the coast, this one was home to many a hermit crab. The name of the game is to choose what you believe to be the speediest crab on the beach. Let it be known, size doesn’t necessarily matter. Then on the count of three everyone places their contender in the small circle in the sand that is located in a much bigger circle. First crab out of the larger circle wins. Sounds simple cause it is. And boy is it fun. Should anyone want to claim the Champion sound off. I don’t think my representative made a single move.


Uncle Wayne hoisting the main.


Greggy guiding the battens past the lazy jack lines.


Right to the tip top Wayner!


Auntie Susie hauling out the jib.


Wonder what those two did?


Moral support of course.


Dolores and I holding down the cockpit.


Mom got put to work after all!


Kristi making the whole operation look good!


Quinner and the boys loading up Marie for the hunt.


Enthusiasm or doubt? You decide. Ha.


You’ll never guess which one speared the monster.


Kristi showing off her impressive skills.


Incoming paddling ladies.


Sunset pass.


Paddling off into the sunset.


Meanwhile with the spearfisherman, Uncle Greg’s gearing up.


Quick recon of the area.


Boom. Monster Jack.


I will not apologize for all the sunset pictures.


Not a one.


This one counts as a series of the spearfisherman returning home.


Photo two of the series.


And three.


There’s the victory shot!


We were all pretty impressed.


Here’s another.


They went for the log cabin fire building approach.


Our trusty table for the evening.


A not so often photo of the two of us.


Arguably the best part of supper.


Group fire shot!


One comment

  1. Great day, speared nice dinner fish, grille on the beach, good friends & famly having great times! Keep it up!

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