Wave Dreams Realized

(Quepos, Costa Rica)

After yet another prime breakfast…

(I don’t believe I’ve given Foy Family Christmas breakfasts enough post space as of yet. They’re the only meals Jeffy boy cooks all year round and they leave you wanting not. If you’re prepared to jump when your name is hollered from the kitchen you’ll be served with a heaping plate of eggs, toast, and bacon just the way Dad likes them. And if you’re real lucky you’ll get a mega banana pancake that’ll keep you fuelled throughout the day.)

… Auntie Susie gave us a special gift from Auntie Sherry back home in Canada. It came equipped with all the open ocean sailing necessities. Moby Dick and Gulliver’s Travels to keep the Captain and First Mate occupied, extremely stylish pirate bandanas, and three new bathing suits for me – tops not included! A huge thanks to Aunty Sherry for her thoughtfulness and her perpetual good vibes and humour.

Back out on the water Uncle Wayne finally tapped into his inner surfer and was slaying clean faces sent his way by the wave gods. He cashed in on Quepos’ perfect left hand point break, riding waves for well over 150 meters. Every time I looked out at the break from the boat Uncle Wayne was standing up on yet another set. It’s hard for me to imagine surfing enthusiasm greater than that of Gregory’s, but Uncle Wayne’s level of stoke for the rest of the day was truly something special.

That doesn’t even mention my other Uncle, Uncle Greg, who threw down as well. Sets were sent and waves were ridden. Quinn was out there too, riding this super fun break. A break that has proven to be the best all-around waves we’ve run into yet.

* Greg would like me to clarify my last statement about the best all-around wave as he doesn’t want anything taken away from any other epic wave. (Have I mentioned Greg is ridiculously superstitious?) Quepos offered a fun, friendly, never-ending swell that was perfect for all riding levels. Totally doable for beginners, and a bucket of fun for those more advanced. Is that good Greg?


Thanks Aunty Sherry!


Uncle Wayne paddling out for the next set, while Greg and Uncle Greg take the sand bar walk back to the line up.


It being Saturday meant the local market was up and running. Hoards of fresh produce and local artesanal pieces up for sale.


Now this is a picture I was supplied with and completely choked I missed out on.


I’m sure they could have used some help.


Shea and Tash silhouetted by another beautiful sunset on Manuel Antonio beach.


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