Boxing Day Visitors

(Quepos, Costa Rica)

So Christmas is over and here’s what we have to show for it.


Four remaining relatives easing into the morning with mini bananas.


Uncle Greg hungover just enough to think attempting surfing again is a good idea.


Gregory out on the wave with Uncle Wayne not too far behind.


Oceanna anchored essentially IN the break. Not your ideal locale to put your boat. We moved her shortly after this photo was taken.


A view of the sandbar that surfaces at low tide and allows you to walk over halfway to Oceanna from shore.


Then there’s this story. We had dinghied into our regular pick up/drop off spot when we see these two locals waving frantically at us from shore. We killed the engine and realized we had almost drifted over their loaded fishing hand line. Now we saw the line was close, they were about to haul in whatever it was that they had. Greg insisted he saw a fin and immediately guessed it was his very own Moby Dick they had hooked.


Boy was it ever! Everyone was pretty excited, but none as much as Gregory. Here before him was a Roosterfish. The ever evading, constantly dreamed about Roosterfish.


A beauty fish and a pretty catch.


Back at the house we had visitors of a different kind.


With bananas at 15 for a dollar, these little squirrel monkeys were in the money should they be brave enough to come get them.


And believe me you they were.


Everyone took a turn feeding this troop that had turned up in numbers.


Auntie Susie and a sweet little monkey having a calm little conversation about how she’s currently out of banana chunks.


Kristi and a bunch of furry friends.


No fear here.


Boxing day shall now be known as Steak and Cake day.


Costa Rica has all sorts of creepy crawly creatures.


One comment

  1. Glad to have you back on line. Loved the card. We were in s. Mex on border of Belize &Guatemala.  Pyramids, monkeys,  Herradura tiquella, and good friends. Lake Bakalar is pretty cool. Rock on!

    David P Thomas D.P.Thomas Const. Inc. Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone

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