Uncle Wayne’s Massive Surprise

(Quepos, Costa Rica)

The gang’s all here!! Well not quite, but it’s definitely starting to feel a lot more like home! As the family holiday posts begin I should warn that there is about to be a severe onslaught of photos. With no less than ten picture-taking devices available at all times there is an ocean full of great shots capturing so many memories. Therefore feel free to scroll quickly or take your time and read the captions, as I plan to let the photos do most of the talking.

The big story today was Uncle Wayne’s massive surprise. No, it wasn’t his subpar paddle boarding abilities (ha!), it was a secret he had been successfully keeping for the last ten months. The last time we saw Auntie Susie and Uncle Wayne was in March when we took the Yota and Boler home to Canada. During our brief visit (and in multiple leading up emails) Greg not-so-subtly planted the idea of building wooden spearguns in Uncle Wayne’s head. Now Uncle Wayne IS a woodworker with a beautiful and well-equipped shop, what he’s not, is a spearfisherman. Never even seen a gun in real life before let alone shot one. Now if you know my Uncle Wayne you’d know tiny little details like the briefest knowledge on the subject wouldn’t dare to stop him from diving in head first. So tonight when he came walking down the stairs with not one but two of the finest looking spearguns Gregory has ever seen we were all completely blown away, but not surprised by Uncle Wayne’s ability to tackle any project.

With the guidance of Neptonics spearing supplier and his own unstoppable determination, my born and bred Saskatchewan Uncle Wayne built two all-time blue water spearguns. He shaped the teak and paduk shafts and inlaid midhandle trigger mechanisms with inclosed tracks. These beauties come equipped with stainless 3/8″ slip tip spears attached to the guns with sexy red 400lb test monofilament. He even had all the extras dialled in with easily attachable float line and bungee set ups. Greg’s reaction was complete awe and utterly speechless. (ps. I’m obviously not that adept at my spearing lingo, that’s Greg talking.)

After a long period of simply admiring them Greg announced to me that the guns would be living in our bedroom. Displayed prominently over our bed. Stating that they’re so nice he’s trepidatious about even taking them in the water!

The long and short of it is, Uncle Wayne is beyond awesome and Gregory is incredibly spoiled (and incredibly grateful).


The first of Daddio’s holiday breakfasts. The only meals he cooks all year.


Setting eyes on Oceanna and wondering when our ride is going to show up.


We decided the local fisherman’s bar was a good as spot as any to wait for Greg to pick us up in the dinghy.


Uncle Greg was in his element.


Loading up!


Seeing as the Quepos marina was obscenely overpriced we did all our dinghy loading and offloading on tidal river rocks. For a bunch of land lubbers everyone was pro in no time.


You see that smile? I don’t think it ever left Uncle Wayne’s face.


Digging into our goody bag. So many clutch items my parents hauled down.


Uncle Wayne giving paddleboarding a go.


Uncle Greg mastered donut in no time.


Auntie Susie out and about.


Check out that smile on Daddio!


Repping our friends Logan and Caroline’s Manhattan Sailing School and Charter Business. Atlantic Yachting, mojitos, and a whole bunch of Canadian pride.


Inspecting their lunch!


Prepping lunch.


They’d all make fine cruisers. Fish and rice and sundowners.


A happy sailor, and we haven’t even sailed anywhere yet!


Who know Oceanna sunsets could get better? Add a little family in the mix and there you have it.


My Mom likes sunsets too.


So does Auntie Susie.


One more for good measure.


Back at the house Uncle Wayne blows Greg’s mind with the best surprise ever!


A hug can’t cover the gratitude.


Completely awestruck.


Uncharacteristically silent.


Seriously mind blown.


Time to go spearfishing!



  1. Uncle Wayne is a champ! Look at that spear. Hope you’ve been getting some good use out of it!

  2. […] consumed, and bits and bobs around the house are getting done. As promised, Greg hung one of the badass spearguns my Uncle Wayne made him directly over our bed. Not to worry, there’s one over one of the guest beds as well. The […]

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