Hungover Mahi Madness

(Quepos, Costa Rica)

Today was the day that the Foys began to arrive. Which means we were up early to get us and Oceanna over to Quepos to greet our first holiday guests – my Mom and Dad.

An early rise meant I was dealing with a couple hungover gentlemen from their previous boys night out. No problem. Nothing four separate Mahi Mahi strikes can’t fix.

The fish gods were surely smiling on us as we continually had rods screaming off the back. Outside of Greg’s predetermined fish hours even! The first monster we kept, seeing as we had several Foys to feed soon, and the rest went back after the fun and fight of reeling them in. Not a bad way to spend the morning.


At this point in the fish catching I always feel like a surgical nurse. “Scalpel STAT!”


I’d say he’s flexing. He’ll say the fish was really heavy. Regardless look at the blood all over him. Both the fish and Gregory needed a rinse.


For everyone who chides about the fishing in underwear, how do you like this one?


Max is up and reeling!


Here comes another Mahi!


Mastering the old beach and kneel pin move.


A porthole view of Quepos.


So we finally met up with Mom and Dad after some inevitable miscommunication. Leaving the boys on the boat I headed up to the house my family had rented for their stay to hang and wait for the late night arrival of my Aunt and Uncles. While waiting I got to raid the suitcase of stuff my parents awesomely brought us from the States. My Mom proved herself a master tetris packer!


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