Photography Jealousies

(Montezuma, Costa Rica)

When I was younger I remember my cousin Erin mentioning her photography class she was taking in highschool. Now Erin grew up in Saskatoon and was (and still is) my immensely cool, ever so stylish older cousin living in the big city. The fact that photography was even a course offering in her highschool only added to my idolizing from my smalltown.

Fast forward to now and Max shows up with a cool, old, film camera citing his highschool photography class as the source of all his technical picture-taking wherewithal.

Now I guess I can’t necessarily say my smalltown upbringing and lack of more diverse course offerings is any excuse not to pick up some photography skills of my own, but that’s what I’m going to go with for now.

Anyhow, check out some of these beautiful shots Max captured while on board today. The last two are compliments of me and my AutoScene digital settings.


Gregory and that ticking aft winch.


The well used fishing rods.


A furling view out the forward hatch.


A rear view from the couch.


Montezuma proper.


No doubt doing something extremely important.


The Sky Streak.


Max’s moves. I have since tried this without the same result.


Boys night out.



  1. Awesome pictures!
    And by the way Kaycee, FYI there is one of those cool, old film cameras at home. Lenses, case, the whole works! Should I keep it for when you are ready to take a photography course?

  2. Oh wow Kaycee, you just made my day…haha. I’m sure the photos I took of my school grounds would be comparable to the photos of your adventure 😉 So pumped to catch up on your blog, I’ve been waiting for your updates!

    1. The updates are coming. Slowly but surely Erin. Ha. Thanks for your patience and for keeping coming back.

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