Permanent Vacation

(Malpais, Costa Rica)

Looking at the pictures from today, I’m beginning to feel like we’re in some sort of surfing version of the movie Groundhog Day. Here’s the customary photo of the boys loading up in the dinghy. And here’s the shot of the sunset that’s once again amazing me.

Side note: I heard today that there’s a type of people who dislike sunset photos. Really? Who are these people? No. I don’t care to know them. My sunset photos will not slow down. In fact, they may ramp up due to this little tidbit.

Anyhow, today was more surfing. No one is surprised. Except me maybe, because today I caught my best wave to date. It was a long ride, which I even managed to turn into it a little, and I didn’t fall until I consciously decided to bail. Huge win. Perhaps I should stop now. End on a high note. Nah, I’ll be back.


The latest Max perspective.


Feet up and hydrating between surf sessions.


The boys did a little tidy on the quiver today. Looking neat. Real neat.


And there they go! Headed out for the evening sesh. I sat this one out, hence the photo.


Check out those colours!!! Not a hint of editing on this beauty!



  1. Absolutely amazing!!! I do NOT tire of the spectacular sunset pictures, I love them all.

  2. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    Keep the sunsets coming—they never get “old”. We already miss the ones from Maui and the mahi mahi too. Keep enjoying it all! Judy and Ken

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