Bro Boating

(Malpais, Costa Rica)

Unsure if this term has already been coined, and if so I may be using it in the wrong context. Should that be the case, I sort of apologize. If not, this is it. This is Bro Boating.

We had 65 nautical miles to cover at our blazing 5-6 knot average, three guys, and no wind. The hours must be filled with something. Why not bust out the Code Zero?  The Code Zero is a lightweight asymmetrical head sail that is meant for wind speeds under 10 knots. To date, our Code Zero had only surfaced from its storage spot under the forward guest bed to go for a spin in Mr King’s Laundromat in North Carolina. The attempted washing was very similar to its attempted sail. Time consuming yet entertaining in its application, lending to a sense of accomplishment throughout, but overall, completely pointless. We didn’t wash out the mouldy spots and we didn’t gain any speed. We did have fun and learn a thing or two though.

Besides the actual sailing of a sailboat there’s always fishing. Our friends Menno and Val joked that they were a fishing boat with sails during their cruising days, and I have to say, we’re most likely part of their fleet. At all times underway there are four fishing rods and two handlines trolling off the back of Oceanna. The latter of which have been affectionately coined “meat lines”.

The majority of the day was real quiet on the lines. Then, like clockwork, as we approached our destination at “fish o’clock” (4 pm) the reels began to scream. After a fight like none other I’ve seen, Greg and Kancer managed to get a real bull-headed Mahi Mahi landed. Max was on the camera during it all and has put together a cool video. Be sure to check it out at the bottom of this page.


Max hoisting the Code Zero halyard as Gregory feeds it out of the sail bag.


Running the Code Zero furling line that will allow us to wrap the sail back up when we’re done with it.


Maxy Pants on the sheet, securing the Code Zero back corner in place.


Gregory dealing with a little jam in the furling drum.


The boys admiring their work.


Fish On!!


The Mahi Mahi fight. This guy was this close to the boat a couple times before he’d dash away again.


Sending the fighter out in style. A little Whiskey to the gills.


We’ve got supper for daaaaaaayyyyyyyyssssss.


Max on the clean up!


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