Laundry and Waves – Quepos Style

(Quepos, Costa Rica)

Quepos’ redeeming quality today – all day sunshine. A precipitation-less day that finally allowed us to do the laundry that had been piling up for weeks. A true domestic victory for boat life.

With the laundry out of the way bright and earlier, the boys spent the majority of the rest of the day on the waves.  G Fresh and Maxy Pants took to the break at 9 am, and besides a change of boards, didn’t return until well past 1 pm. I joined them for a while and can attest to the incredibly good times had. The waves were perfect for my beginner styles, catching waves easily on my surfboard. And they were even more fun on the big floaty paddle boards. When I caught a beauty of a long ride, I must admit, I think I nailed it on the perfect amount of screaming. I can’t wait to throw old Jeffy-boy on a board and see how his paddle board skills from Fort Lauderdale have faired. 10 more days!


It’s not the laundry line in Mrs King’s backyard, but it certainly does the trick!


Boardies and bikinis. You’re not going to find too many sweaters on these lines.


In the midst of it, Greg catches a fish…


Assisted by a little net action from Max. This fish got the customary kiss and was sent packing.


No wave pictures today, but there is documentation of the chores that followed. Since we refused to use the marinas facilities the boys took all the jerry cans into town in search of gas station.


As luck would have it, they wrangled this guy into driving them down the road to the nearest gas station, filled all the cans, and drove them back to the dinghy. Oh, what $5000 colones can get you!


As the sun was setting inside chores began. Time to put Electrical Max back to work. Here they are tracing more connections looking for a possible power leak.


They were down there for a while. (ps. check out Max’s mean sunburn. Proof they were out shredding for quite sometime.)


I doubt I’ll ever slow down on the sunset pictures.


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