Quepos Ups and Downs

(Quepos, Costa Rica)

Last night we weren’t the keenest on Quepos. The anchorage was rough, choppy, and glowing in the lights of the nearby marina. This morning was a whole new ball game. The seas were glassy smooth and the surf was thumping just off the back steps.

G Fresh and Maxy took to the paddle boards and shredded the crap out of the sweet beachy that was right there in our backyard. They returned overly jacked and completely renewed on their Quepos outlooks.

Then it all flipped again. We had read in our cruiser’s guide book that the marina offered dinghy landings for $20 a week. How handy is that? A steady, calm place to go ashore. Handy for picking up friends and family. Handy for loading groceries and the ever important beer. Oh the joy, until we actually got there. Turns out the guide book was either severely undersold or just outdated. The real price was $25 PER drop off and pick up. So if we were to enter the marina, drop me off, then come back and pick me up, it would cost $50! Come back again? Restart the meter. And that doesn’t even allow us to leave the dinghy there. Should we want to leave the dinghy there, it’s a minimum 30 foot charge. And at $2.50 per foot per day, that’s $75 just to leave our dinghy at their main (empty) dock.

Gregory had a lot of colourful words he wished to say to the marina, but long story short, we won’t be using anything the marina has to offer.

Following the tainted experience at the marina we attempted to dock at the National Park pier and were met with even more obstacles. The language barrier didn’t help, but we got the jist that we weren’t allowed.

Third time’s the charm right? This time we just took the dinghy right up to the break water rocks and got off. Hello Quepos, here we are. Deal with it.

As we cruised around town we found fresh ground coffee, produce, a Steve-O look-a-like with a line on a docking option, fresh bread, fried chicken, and most importantly, I found a candy store. Quepos was back in the good books.


The backyard break.



Double teaming the wave. G Fresh and Maxy in action.


More Max perspectives.


Quepos sunset with Oceanna sitting pretty.


Headlight cribbage. It’s all the rage.



  1. Brown, Shelley (CA - British Columbia) · · Reply

    Hi Kaycee,
    Next time you get underway you should play Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis……a great sailing song!
    Love your auntie Shelley

    1. Auntie Shelley I’m going to look this song up pronto and get to added to the aailing playlist. Right now, on sunny days one of our go-tos is the Beach Boys! Ha. It just feels so right!

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