Electrical Curveballs – Compliments of Oceanna

(Quepos, Costa Rica)

I’m not sure if I properly convey all the little curveballs Oceanna sends our way. Half the time Gregory has them fixed up as soon as they appear, and the other half I’m just over by the time it comes to writing about them. Here’s an example though.

We were on schedule this morning and geared up to leave Dominicalito anchorage at 10am, except when we turned the key on the starboard engine absolutely nothing happened. Great, thanks Oceanna. Good news is, we have a second engine so we fired that one up and got underway.

Now Max isn’t just another pretty face with a surf board, he’s a certified Red Seal Electrician. Ay-o. Score for us. With the engine panel pulled out of the cockpit, the electrical class commenced. I heard words like ohms and immediately blocked the rest out. Very similar to University actually, it’s a miracle I made it through that course…

But I digress. As we motored our way towards Quepos, Max and Gregory got serious about diagnosing our problem. After the culprit wasn’t found in the cockpit wiring, they moved down to the engine itself. Through some wire chasing they located a loose connection on the starter solenoid. 99.9% of the time an electrical problem on a boat comes down to connections. We have the field research to back that up!

Now that the issue was pinpointed it just needed to be fixed. Problem was, the wire had pulled out of a crimp and we didn’t have any crimps that size aboard. Didn’t stop electrical Maxy. He pounded out the old crimp and reused the bugger. Just like that, all was well on Oceanna again.

The rest of the sail was pretty uneventful. And when I say uneventful I mean no fish were caught. A real sore spot for all the male Homo Sapiens aboard. On a happier note, our arrival into Quepos was highlighted by the meeting of more friends. Once we were anchored, Greg ripped in and picked up Garrett Whittle and his girlfriend Steph. Garrett and Steph are working their way through Costa Rica and we were stoked our paths finally crossed to share a cerveza or two.


Best thing about visitors onboard (okay maybe not best, but a real perk) is a new picture taker and a new outlook on Oceanna. So this post is peppered with Max’s photos of boat life. Enjoy. I did.


Hunting for electrical answers in the cockpit.


I shot up the port hull.


The electrical class I tuned out.


A tramp full of Rusty boards. You can tell their wasn’t much wind at this time. The water is so glassy.


Working for room and board. Ha.


Fishing lines out. The fishing lines are always out.


Making the old crimp new again. (PS check out that box of tomatoes. Got the box full for $4. Can’t decide which I like better, the tomatoes or the box.)


The old Yammy riding the sidelines till it’s called back into action.


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