Surfer Boy Count Up One

(Dominicalito, Costa Rica)

Travelling to meet your surfing buddy on his boat in Costa Rica must hold some sweet expectations. On the same note, you must also be okay with sitting on the beach with said boat in view while you wait for your friend to get back from his morning surf session and come pick you up.

That’s what happened to Max anyhow. After an early morning shuttle from San Jose he located the boat and reached a dinghy-less me aboard. In an attempt to not leave him stranded I threw the paddle boards in to go and retrieve him. And as things so often go, once I finally had everything all set up and was strapping the leash to my ankle, I spotted Greg and Kancer returning in the distance.

Long story short – Max arrived today. Oceanna’s surfer boy count is now up to three.


Max’s view upon arrival. (ps what a packer!! I think I should take a few lessons.)


Getting the quiver breakdown.


Loading up for a late afternoon tear.


A pretty sky looking down towards Dominical.


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