Our Sailing Rabbit’s Foot

(Isla del  Cano, Costa Rica)

We’ve taken some guests out sailing in some not so perfect sailing weather – I’m looking at you Delma and Doug, and you too Mo! – and we’re left feeling like we’ve let them down. Let them down in the sense that they weren’t necessarily comfortable or enjoying themselves, but more that they didn’t get to experience how serene and amazing sailing can be.

Well that isn’t the case for Josh Kancer! After our sail with him from Pavones to Matapalo yesterday, then the sail over to Isla del Cano today, I’m beginning to think he’s some sort of blue-sky sailing good luck charm.

Today the sails were full, the engine was off, and the sun was shining. Fresh coconut water was drunk after we accessed it in your not-so-typical fashion. And a fish I haven’t seen since Bahamian waters was hauled in off the back trolling lines. Life was good. I think we’ll hold on to Kancer for at least a couple more moves. His opinion may not be consulted.


It’s not conventional, but it sure is fast and it sure does work!


Blue bird sailing with Kancer.


Our very first Pacific Mahi Mahi! Tastes just as good as the Caribbean ones!


I’m thinking this will have to be a large painting in my home. When my home is no longer Oceanna.



  1. Sarah G. "Stu" Schmidt · · Reply

    Mahi Mahi! What did Greg’s book say for food quality? “Bar none”?

  2. what do you mean “When my home is no longer Oceanna”? lol

    1. One day Amanda, one day we’ll have to come back.

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