Mom and Dad’s Suitcase

(Matapalo, Gulfo Dulce, Costa Rica)

If only it was all fun and games. We spent the entire day yesterday doing what can only be described as work. Tons of research, calling, and ordering. Oceanna’s to-do list must be conquered every once in a while. The one thing that sets it apart from proper work though, is neither of us will be collecting a paycheck when it’s all said and down. Although, we can expect some dandy things in the mail!

With my family coming down to Costa Rica for Christmas we’re taking full advantage of the corners of their suitcases by sending wish lists to everyone. Especially my parents. We’re not just filling up the corners of their suitcases though, we’re asking them to bring an entire extra one, just for Oceanna. Since they may be our last opportunity for North American goods before our South Pacific crossing we’re loading up on all sorts of parts and pieces. And since they are doing the whole snow bird thing, leaving their motorhome in Las Vegas, we can really cash in on the USA shipping perks and availability!

Engine water pumps to fishing reel gears to South Pacific chart books – here’s hoping they’re nifty packers! Thanks Mom and Dad.


These sunsets. I can’t imagine them ever getting old.


The funny sounding aft winch taken apart for trouble shooting. They’ll be a few bits and bobs in Mom and Dad’s suitcase for this one!


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