Hodgepodge Goodness

(Pavones, Gulfo Dulce, Costa Rica)

Today was a real hodgepodge of events. And I say that in the best possible way.

We finally set eyes on the sea turtle that frequents Land and Sea marina for bananas. A friendly, fruit-munching, little (big) guy. Then we ventured down to Golfito’s Duty Free zone. A real hot spot attracting people from all over the country to buy cheaply priced appliances, household goods, and liquor. The last of which we also took part in. Purchasing our limit and then stuffing the bilge. When in Rome!

After a stop in at our favourite produce store we were ready to hit the road. We said our final goodbyes, and mucho thanks, to Tim at Land and Sea then untied from our mooring for the last time. With the anchor down at Pavones we took to the front deck to take in the beautiful sunset.

Just when we were thinking of packing up and heading in we heard the yeeewwwww! of a familiar voice. None other than Josh Kancer had swum himself out to the boat. Now we were planning on meeting Kancer in Pavones, and should have known he’d do something like swim right up on us. We were surprised and not surprised, and just overall happy to see the guy!


The friendly sea turtle.


Scoping for bananas.


Found one!


Golfito’s main strip, and our favourite produce store.


Pina anyone? How about a 10 cent banana?


Have I mentioned my love affair with vegetables?


Date night.


A couple of dirty oilfield tradies reunited on a boat in Costa Rica.


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