Surf and Turf

(Golfito, Costa Rica)

I’m pretty sure the word “poser” died with Avril Lavigne sometime circa 2003. Well today we brought it back, and we brought it back with style! Surf posers at their finest. I wouldn’t say any of us necessarily caught a proper wave – unless you count Frankie body surfing into the beach or Greg (which we don’t in this instance)  – nonetheless we looked gooooooood.

To continue on the theme of overstating accomplishments, I’m sure Sarah and Melissa would like me to share their harrowing crusade through the Costa Rican jungle. Instead of facing the burly break again to make it out to the dinghy, the girls opted for the overland adventure back to a friendlier beach. I wasn’t with them but they reported everything from near-death experiences to National Geographic-esque wildlife sightings. What felt to them like three days crossing the rocky coral outcrops was more like 25 minutes. And the only injuries they actually sustained was a matching set of full body sunburns. “Adventure is out there!”

After our action packed morning, the overall feeling back on Oceanna was one of moderate to high sun exposure, tinged with a side of slight sea sickness. Not a state you like to see your friends in, so we made the call to head back to the calm waters of Golfito for everyone’s last night on the boat.

And as I sign that we’d made the exact right decision, on the sail back Frankie reeled in a fine-looking mackerel to bring her final fish count back to even. (We won’t talk about the fish she lost earlier in the trip…)


The ever committed fisherman – Frankie, Babe, and Greg – returning from their early morning troll.


A couple of babes in a boat headed over to the surf beach.


Stu getting after it!


Bunz the master paddler and Stu the best surfer we had.


Boys on boards.


Costa Rican coast.


That’s a look of accomplishment right there!



  1. Thanks Kaycee for the Pics and blog. I’m glad the 3 amigo’s are still sharing more than a bowl of popcorn while watching the OC. Sharon

    1. Those were the days Sharon. Nobody makes a bowl of popcorn like you! Hope all is well with you.

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