Three Point Birthday

(Matapalo, Gulfo Dulce, Costa Rica)

As far as birthday’s go, I’d say Gregory had himself a pretty decent one. Sails were flown. Fish were caught. Dolphins were seen. Waves were rode. And Skor Cake was consumed. Deee-cent.

The name of the game today was to sail, fish, and surf (successfully) all in one day. We set sail from our Orquideas anchorage  bound for Matapalo. The wind was in our favour. We were full sail, no engines, for step one of the three point day. Then Frankie’s people came a calling.

Ever since Sarah, Melissa, and I vacationed to Cuba we’ve known of Frankie’s near delirium that accompanies the presence of a dolphin. In the years since Cuba as I emailed Melissa random dolphin trivia and thought of her at the sight of any and all dolphin paraphernalia, I began to think that I was building up her fondness for the fun-loving ocean mammal in my head. Well today stood to prove that theory entirely wrong. If anything, I had underestimated the pure elation she feels at the sight of them. With dolphins flying in from all directions her excitement radiated across the water. Screams and yelps of joy were matched with breaches and jumps from her slick, show-off friends.

When the show was over, we took the opportunity to try a few tricks of our own. Greg, unbeknownst to everyone else, set up a line off the back and sent himself flying off the bow as Oceanna continued in her forward fashion. With the dragline set, Sarah, Dave, and Bunz all took their turn going for an underway tow.

With another dolphin sighting in the books we were closing in on our anchorage. As per usual, this is when the fishing lines go into action and Greg reeled in a Sierra Mackarel for a second round of fresh sashimi tonight. Completing step two of the three point birthday.

Once the anchor was down – in a considerably rollier anchorage for our flatland friends – Greg set out on the paddle board in search of a birthday wave. The swell has been next to nonexistent for the last week so it was a hunt for sure, but he came back with a smile on his face securing the third and last step of his three point birthday.

To round out the day Greg opened his birthday present packed full of 5 cent candies and we all enjoyed a Skor Cake. Both made possible by solid friends bringing the goods from Canada!


Bunz was certainly the star sailor amongst the landlubbers.


Sarah was a star laundry supervisor. (I’ve lost more than one towel underway.)


Navigation overview.


If only this photo had sound… The dolphins have been spotted!!


Spotting dolphins in every direction.


Frankie’s friends.


Frankie’s happy place.


I don’t think I was that well-timed on the camera, but there was a point where one dolphin jumped out of the water completely. Pretty cool to see.


There he goes. Backflipping off the bow.


Passing under the boat and grabbing the line out the back in time to pull himself back aboard.


The ladies of the boat.


Stu showing off her towing repercussions.


Boat nachos.


And they’re back!


Frankie and her people.


Captain Greg on the main sail.


Profile Pics! Frankie.








G Fresh.


Thanks for the sashimi Mr Fish.


Birthday gifts.


Cake time!



  1. Sarah "Stu" G Schmidt · · Reply

    What a great day, Kyle. Thanks for documenting this all and posting it.

    And that Frankie dolphin face. Pure joy.

  2. […] As if the anticipation of world-class waves wasn’t enough to fuel our high for the quick 50 mile passage down to Teahupoo, between Tahiti and Moorea we set eyes on our first humpback whale! During the winter months here in the South Pacific, scores of humpback whales gather to breed. I recently read Leviathan, or the Whale by Philip Hoare and have a brand new appreciation for these gentle giants. The book is basically a love letter to the author’s most treasured obsession. It covers the history, biology, and social landscape of cetaceans. Yet with all this new knowledge somewhere between my ears, the spray of a blowhole or the breach of a tail reduces me to childlike glee. I holler and wave and scream and jump around. Come to think of it, whales for me are what dolphins are to my friend Melissa. […]

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