Paddle Board Tricks and Gulfo Dulce Botanics

(Casa Orquideas, Gulfo Dulce, Costa Rica)

You’ve heard the age-old question, if you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have one thing, what would it be? Well I would like to pose a new question. If you were stuck on a paddle board with two other people, who would they be?

My answer is obvious and rooted in actual field research. I choose my girls Stu and Frank. Our morning was filled with all sorts of escapades on the paddle boards, and always with the fishing attempts off the big boat.

Come the afternoon we ventured over to Casa de Orquideas, a botanical gardens that has been wonderfully collected and tended since the 1970’s by Ron and Trudy MacAllister. We wandered around on our own self guided tour and saw all sorts of local and imported plants. I learned about epiphytes and attempted to distinguish between lemon and grapefruit trees. I’m sure there’s heaps more I should have absorbed, but there was just too much to look at. Luckily, Greggy the artistic photographer was behind the lens, capturing all sorts of nifty shots along the way.


Early morning line casting with Frank and Dave.


Stu and Bunz getting their paddle on.


Babe working on his tan and his cast.


One person on a paddle board, totally doable. Two people on a paddle board, way harder than you’d think.


Case and point.


Paddle board peeps with the entire Gulfo Dulce in the background.


Dave returning from his “treacherous” trip to the beach. This almost must prior to us ladies unceremoniously relieving him of his board.


Three people on a paddle board harder yet then two. Although we all did manage to stand up. With a many dismounts similar to this one.


The beginning of our tour into the Botanical Gardens. Sarah and Spike leading the way.


This is where I’m going to fade from stating any knowledgable information. Not that I regularly do. Let’s just admire the pretty colours.


Greg was really embracing the close up function.


Nature’s Neat!


A mini product from the pineapple family, and a orangesicle in the background.


Red bamboo?


Where does this even come from?


Greg took a real liking to this tiny flower. There was multiple takes on this shot on the camera.


A pink, flower wave.


A tasty pineapple in the making.


A spider at work.


Not knowing what this is, but it sure is pretty.


One gnarly fruit tree.


Sampling juicy lemon slices right off the tree.


The completely drenched dinghy fisherman returned with a full bucket and smiles on their faces regardless of their freezing bodies.


Frankie’s trophy shot. Somehow she managed to catch not one, but two of these minuscule fish on her hook.


Tim Collins and fresh mackerel sashimi!!


Indoor dinner do to the rain outside.


One comment

  1. Judy and Ken Johnson · · Reply

    Love those shots Greg! Very professional looking. Looks like the fun continues and we still enjoy sharing your blog.

    Judy and Ken

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