Welcome to the Rain Forest

(Casa Orquideas, Gulfo Dulce, Costa Rica)

Well it may be the tail end of the rainy season, it’s definitely still the rainy season. To properly introduce our Canadian visitors to Costa Rica we took them out for some local cuisine, got them sweating in the hot hot sun, and then set sail to catch the afternoon deluge.

The afternoon downpour can actually be a welcome event. It usually blows out as quickly as it comes in, and offers a nice reprieve from the scorching temperatures. I don’t think anyone enjoys rain as much as Melissa’s boyfriend Dave though. Dave is an Irishman through and through. From the accent out of his mouth to his undying love for potatoes. The guy was standing out on deck in the pouring rain smiling up at the grey skies. Not exactly the fond memories I have of my homeland, but to each their own I suppose!


Early morning tramp talks.


Now that’s a good looking dinghy crew. On our way out to Oceanna to set sail.


The Irishman in his element.


Greg is certainly the exception not the rule when it comes to crib playing. The board shall be well used this week.


I’ll never tire of late night talks with these two. (Well actually I did. I just couldn’t get these ladies to understand 9pm was cruiser’s midnight!)


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