A Flying Crustacean

(Casa Orquideas, Gulfo Dulce, Costa Rica)

Well, the lobster trap didn’t necessarily work, but it didn’t not work either. This morning when we pulled it up we were sad to find it devoid of lobster, but excited to find three crabs! Little bitty blue crabs. Not much for eating. Though they did lend a certain air of accomplishment to the freshly minted trap.

For a guy completely comfortable with sharks, Gregory is extremely hesitant when it comes to crabs. It takes him awhile to build up the courage to reach out and grab one, and this morning was no different. Except this morning after he grabbed one and pulled it out of the trap he screamed like a small child and flung it into the air. The crab soared thorough the air landing on my head and coming to rest on the deck of the boat.

How many people can say their boyfriend has thrown a living crab at them? And a severely disfigured one at that! What was this sad looking little crab going to do to him?


Psyching himself up to reach in and grab.


The flying crustacean in question. Look how many limbs this little guy is missing!


The beautiful anchorage at Casa Orquideas. At night and early morning the fragrant smell of the Ylang Ylang tree wafted through the entire bay. The same flower behind many perfumes included the famous Chanel No. 5


A quick check on tonight’s trap condition uncovered this guy. He would not let go of the huge chunk of bait he found.


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