How To: A $1 Lobster Trap

(Pilon, Golfo Dulce, Costa Rica)

Disclaimer: the effectiveness of the following trap at actually catching a lobster is by no means guaranteed.

Greg’s milk crate affliction really peaked as we were fixing up Oceanna in North Carolina. Since then the milk crate projects have been few and far between. Until yesterday.

Yesterday before we left Golfito, our main objective was to collect the necessary materials to build a homemade lobster trap. The main ingredient being a milk crate that Greg magically produced from a back hull storage spot. He presented it with a smile on his face and an explanation that he’d been saving it for this very purpose.

With the body of the trap nailed down, the remaining pieces to be collected included entrance ports and a top. After a lengthy discussion with Tim at Land and Sea they concluded that small plant pots would do the trick for entrances. Their tapering shape would allow the lobster to crawl in and confuse them on their attempted way out.

On our way into the store to purchase the pots, the forever foraging G Fresh spotted some trash that quickly turned into his treasure. A couple of pieces of wide plastic netting discarded by someone obviously not building their own lobster trap. They were added to the dollar’s worth of plant pots and we were on our way.

Happily anchored in a bay called Pilon, Greg set to assembling his masterpiece. I should note that the total cost of this trap is a little more than a single dollar. If there’s anything that Greg likes more than a milk crate, it’s a zip-tie. There’s probably close to $5 of zip-ties utilized (not used Stu) in this project.

With the DIY trap complete, the bait was set, and the inlaid weights sunk it down to the bottom. Now we wait…


The parts and pieces required to build your very own lobster trap.


The zip-tie master at work.


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