Fresh Water Options

(Golfito, Costa Rica)

Watermaker – $6,000 and a flick of a switch.

Rain Water Collection Tarp – $8 and 2 minutes to set up.

Running a string of garden hoses over open water to fill a bucket, which siphons into another bucket, which finally siphons into Oceanna’s fresh water tank, all while it’s raining out – Priceless.

Or Gregory’s idea of time well spent. Depends which way you look at it.


The process in action. The open deck locker contains our fresh water tank. What’s not pictured is the bucket to bucket siphoning along the side of the deck. And the garden hose strung from Land and Sea’s dock to the back of Oceanna which is tied off with 70 feet of line to keep her as close as possible.


What else can you do in the rain? Well laundry of course! When blankets you leave out on the line get caught in the rain, they might as well get a quick soaping too!


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