Dos Frozen Bananas Por Favor

(Golfito, Costa Rica)

Two days we’ve been home now and we could no longer hold out hope that we’d find the resort buffet magically hidden behind some unchecked door. We grudgingly came to terms and headed out to the produce store. Probably the best fresh produce store I have ever been in. This place had it dialled in. Great selection, wonderful people, and the line on where to get the frozen bananas.

Once we had paid up we set out laden with our overfilling bags to find the source of the mouth-watering, chocolate coated, sprinkle dusted, frozen bananas. It only took us one wrong guess and an associated point in the right direction to find ourselves calling “Hola” through the fence to a residential home. I kind looking women popped out the propped-open front door and offered a friendly hello. Greg called his best fake Spanish for dos bananas (which is a mumbled take on a French accent with inflection at the end of each word, ha) and she disappeared back into the house with a smile. She returned shortly with two plates asking for 600 colones in return. Just over $1. Best darn $1 I’ve ever spent!


Oh and there’s condensed milk to make it that much sweeter!


Enjoying my frozen banana on my favourite steps in Golfito. Check out that colour scheme!


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