Home Sweet Home

(Golfito, Costa Rica)

Home sweet home. Our bus ride back from San Jose ended up being the extended version, as our initial bus driver was taken away via ambulance about halfway through. The language barrier left us pretty in the dark, but charades with a fellow passenger led us to believe it was something to do with his heart.

Back at Oceanna we were happy to find everything as we left it, and I’ve got to say, Oceanna did way better than I had expected. Not to speak poorly of our girl, or my cleaning routine for that matter, but Oceanna can smell pretty ripe after being completely closed up for a while. Leave a closed up boat in the tropics during rainy season and you can almost guarantee yourself some mould to look forward to scrubbing away. Not my girl though! She was no worse for wear than if we’d just returned from a trip to the grocery store.

Our first days home were spent unstowing everything we’d so meticulously stowed away the week before. That, and dealing with the mild depression that undoubtedly follows such an amazing trip.


Putting to use the mango eating skills we learned from the Haitian kids as we waited for our new bus driver at a highway stop. Check out my reindeer friends.


It’s not everyday a refrigerator floats by the back of the boat. But when it does, you better believe Gregory is going to try to ride it.


An attempt that didn’t work out so well for Gregory.


But wonderfully for photos.



One comment

  1. Interesting you mentioned the mild depression–a lot of folks from Kelowna were feeling it too around the 16th-17th of November–must of meant we had a great time together!!

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