Eight O’Clock Goodbyes

(Holiday Inn Express, San Jose, Costa Rica)

On the eighth day in Mexico my vacation gave to me, eight o’clock goodbyes.

All good things must come to an end, and unfortunately today was the end for us. The first wave of family and friends left early a.m. and we had an extra hour to hang out with Dave, Chelsey, and Dax before their airport shuttle left. It’s amazing what constitutes entertainment for a one year old. And even more enlightening that that same activity keeps Gregory completely enthralled. Today’s source of endless fun: the hallway ice machine.

The closing of such a great week deserve a substantial and heartfelt summary. Unfortunately I have never been good at goodbyes. Finding the words to express the proper amount gratitude and meaning simply elude me. How do you thank someone for having a wedding? It seems a little selfish on my part, no? “Stephen and Nicole, thanks for having a rad wedding in Mexico so we could all hang out and have an amazing time. Oh ya, and good call on your friends and family, you’ve picked a solid crew.” Just lacks a little of everything hey? I can not summon a sentence with the proper weight, so here’s a simple Thanks that is so much more than I can break down. Thanks to everyone for a top shelf time!


Uncle Greg teaching Dax where the ice comes from.


Dax thoroughly enjoying the Greg terrorizes him with ice cubes.


One comment

  1. Thank you,Kaycee,for giving us the Eight Days Of Mexico–it was so fun to relive the week! You did such a great job as usual with the blog. Don’t worry about the sunglasses–just great to have you and Greg there!!

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